How Leading Her Life Began...

Nikki, 29

Originally from the UK, I moved to Sydney in 2015 following the completion of my Bachelors and Masters and began my full time Corporate Leadership role. 

You may also know me the host of The Leading Her Life Podcast and the founder of the Leading Her Life brand through a passion for sharing knowledge and wanting to take as many women with me on my journey to the top.

Leading Her Life is about women, women like me, creating themselves. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote that gets thrown around  "Life is about ‘finding yourself’" and that really doesn’t sit with me. I think life is about creating yourself. It’s about women taking back the control and leading their own life.

It’s so much more than a website, an Instagram account or a podcast. It’s a movement where I can provide women with the tools and knowledge either from myself or other successful women and experts from around the world to unlock their own potential, that potential that every woman has inside of them, and harness their power so that they can lead their own life. It’s a movement for women like me, because this is what I’m doing I am creating and leading my own life.

I want to connect with and develop as many women from around the world that I can. I want them to know they are on the right path if they have chosen it for themselves because it’s their path. I want people to be able to look back in the future and say you know what I used to listen to this podcast that taught me and inspired me to make goals for myself and then it empowered me to take control and lead my own life so I could achieve them.

My vision for Leading Her Life goes far beyond a podcast, I envision the Leading Her Life brand as an academy and community for like-minded female leaders that continue to grow and support each other. So welcome to the movement. Thanks for joining me, we are stronger together!