How Leading Her Life Began...

Nikki, 28

I founded The Leading Her Life Podcast through a desire for helping other women to level up and become the best version of themselves. Leading Her Life covers a range of topics; mental & physical well-being, finance, career and so much more! Leading Her Life is about guiding you to unlock your potential & harness your own power to allow you to lead your own life.  

Originally from the UK, I moved to Sydney in 2015 following the completion of my Bachelors and Masters and began my full time corporate leadership role. 

Outside of work I have a variety of interests including fitness. In 2019 I competed in my first bikini competition which I documented along the way through my Instagram. On my journey to comp I started to gain followers and realised that people were interested in what I had to say and the knowledge I was sharing. I was really enjoying it and found myself not only sharing fitness but other aspects of life and personal development. I realised that I was finding my purpose. I know now that I'm supposed  to be bringing like minded women together. To share my knowledge with them and to support them in being the best version of themselves.


I continued blogging on my website and on Instagram in my spare time but I’m a busy person and I don’t always have a lot of time to develop myself through reading, instead I consume most of my knowledge through listening to podcasts and audio books while I’m commuting to work or walking the dog (this concept of habit stacking- if you've read 'Atomic Habits'). So one night at 1am I woke up and was wide awake with the thought I wanted to start a podcast. I stayed up all night. I did a course on how to make a podcast. I ordered the equipment. And the following week I was recording my podcast ready to launch. I love it, I love the intimacy of speaking directly into someone’s ears, I love the ease of being able to share information to busy people. And so on weekends and after work I continue to record podcasts and interview other women, to gain their insights and experiences to bring you the tools and information you need to be the best version of yourself. 

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