The Leading Her Life 6 week online course

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Now Open for Enrolment!

Are you joining me on a 6-week journey that could change your life & propel you to where you want to be!? Are you ready to make a BIG shift in your life? JOIN ME!! 🤗It's time to invest in yourself & the life YOU want to lead!


Ask yourself: Are you ready to take control of your life? build your confidence? have clear direction on where you are going? To become more centred & take bold action?


Then you’re ready for The Lead Yourself formula!



You can use the formula in this course get clear on what life you want to lead and leap into the best version of yourself to get there. Here are some reasons you might want to use the formula:


🌊Get clear on your vision and goals if you don’t know already

⚡️ Level up in your career/business

🧠create a positive mindset

👭surround yourself with like-minded people

💄feel confident in yourself

💼start a biz/side-hustle

I've used this method when:

  • Building my personal brand and creating my passion projects; my podcast, my ebook… and this online course!

  • Getting clear on what I wanted & my next steps.

  • Finding purpose, passion & happiness in my everyday life. 

  • Attracting like-minded relationships and friendships.


Important stuff: 

  • It is a 6-week online course with a module unlocking weekly.

  • Weekly modules, workbooks, mindset trainings and journals for you to complete (all resources are in the course portal).

  • Q&A Facebook lives to answer any questions you have.

  • You also gain access to our private Facebook group (the perfect place to connect with like-minded women).

  • The cost is $239 (less than 2 espresso martini's a week for 6 weeks)



Welcome Module

This is to ease you into the course, with a little bit of pre work that we will dig deeper into in the first few modules. This is available as soon as you enrol!

Includes; Welcome video, workbook, Character assessment and Mantra.

Module 1 Becoming your centred self 

Module 1 is all about getting centred so you can build your self-awareness and develop your focus so you can work out what truly makes you happy. Self-awareness is getting to know yourself, moment by moment. Self-awareness is knowing what you are thinking, while you think it and what you are feeling, when you feel it. Self-awareness is the ability to monitor yourself so that you can manage yourself accordingly. As we become more aware of our thoughts and feeling’s we can manage ourselves better so that we can act in ways that align with our goals and values.

Includes; Lesson video, workbook, mindfulness assessment, Awareness Training & Focus Training.


Module 2 Building your courage 

Module 2 is about digging deep and being courageous so that you can build your confidence. Joseph Campbell's quote is one of the purest calls to courage. “The Cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Remember girls, Confidence is yours to embrace if you are willing to give up striving for perfection, caring about other people’s opinions, and dwelling on negative experiences, and if you begin to integrate confident habits into your life.


Includes; Lesson video, workbook.

Module 3 Developing your self-compassion

Module 3 is about acknowledging your inner critic so that you can change the narrative. If you’re trying to change your life, it is critically important that you look at your internal dialogue. Most of us pay little attention to our thoughts. We are often controlled by them. Many of us beat ourselves up without even realizing it. If you can train yourself in self compassion and train yourself to have a compassionate mind you can learn to dismantle this critic and reframe perceived mistakes. 


Includes; Lesson video, workbook &  Self Compassion Training.

Module 4 Believing you deserve the life you want

Module 4 is about believing you deserve the life you want and banishing all the limiting beliefs holding you back. Getting into a mindset where you can truly trust your own brilliance is paramount. Trusting your own brilliance means believing in your own voice in your own Story in the power of your words in the power of your passion. So be willing to trust in yourself!


Includes; Lesson video, workbook, Feedback journal & Celebration journal.

Module 5 Creating your vision and goals

Module 5 is about getting clear on your vision so that you can break your goals into actionable steps to get you there! You can achieve anything as long as you bring it down into enough steps. As long as you are moving forward each day you are progressing. So get ready to be playful to tap into what your heart truly desires!


Includes; Lesson video & workbook.

Module 6 Taking control with self-leadership! 

Module 6 is what we have been working towards this whole time is this ability to lead yourself to lead your own life. So, it makes sense here that we look specifically at self-leadership. This session looks at the characteristics of self-leadership and what drives it.

Includes; Lesson video & workbook.

Wrap up and self reflection 

Available the same week as module 6 this is for a time of self reflection and dedication to yourself of how you will take these learnings forward.

Includes; Lesson video & workbook.


Q: Do you have to do this course in real-time?

A: The idea is to do the weekly modules and workbooks within the 6 week time frame, but I understand that life happens and things can get in the way of your intentions. That is why the course is available to you after the 6 weeks! Even if you complete this course in the 6 weeks I guarantee you will come back to it for your next project or big endeavour or lifestyle change, how great that you can use this process for the rest of your life... 

Q: What should I expect weekly from this course?

A: Each week a new module will be unlocked, this will include a training video, your weekly workbook and weekly audio guided training and practices that relate to that week's topics. 

Q: Does it matter what country I am in?

A: This course is open worldwide! You can complete all content at your own pace, in your own time. If you check out the reviews page you will see we had women from all over the world have completed this course. 

Q: How much time will I need each week to complete this course?

A: The video content will be an hour each week then I recommend another couple of hours to do your workbook and practices. You could do a little each day or do it all at once on one day. 

Q: What will I gain from completing this course?

A: The end result of the Lead Yourself Formula is to set you up with the tools, confidence and mindset to step into your next level… whether that is a new biz, a different lifestyle, a side-hustle or a new relationship. Disclaimer: this is not a magical course that will fix all your problems… YOU need to be ready to uplevel, ready to step up, ready to do the work! You will only get what you put in.