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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

I feel like there is a common misconception that if you pivot your goals you have failed.

In my opinion that is simply not true.

Pivoting is a great move. Pivoting can be either a defensive move or an offensive one but either way it can often be a very smart move.

Here are a couple of businesses that pivoted and became more successful:

Starbucks was originally a single-store retail location in Seattle that sold coffee makers, coffee beans, and other coffee-related products. It took the vision of Howard Schultz to recognize the opportunity of selling their coffee by the cup.

Netflix Originally launched as a company that rented DVDs through the mail, Netflix looked ahead and saw that the trend toward ever-increasing Internet capacity in the home meant streaming entertainment was the future. So they pivoted, investing heavily in becoming primarily a streaming-entertainment service. Companies like blockbuster didn’t have that vision and remained a DVD rental store and ultimately did not survive.

Whether it’s the current global pandemic, an unexpected job change, a divorce, a natural disaster, or some other life-altering event, these challenges tend to come at us now and again. Right now here we are in the middle of a global pandemic and life looks very different to the vison boards we made in January.

Right now it might seem like things are out of control but its important to remember that control is an illusion. When you move into goal-setting, the important steps needed to achieve those goals create a sense of control when in reality you are simply managing your brain-space and expectations.

I’m a strong believer that Making progress toward our goals significantly contributes to our wellbeing. Goals are really good—when we set them right of course.

Setting and working toward goals—especially during a global pandemic—can help increase your happiness and well-being so push them off right now just because you're not 100% sure what next month will look like. Learn how to better manage and process your emotions, and these skills will serve you for the rest of your life!

Here are some steps to help you pivot your goals:

1. Reflect on what you have and heavnt achieves=d so far and why?

2. Evaluate your new routine and implement your goals to fit.

3. Create new steps to reach the same goal. Sometimes we just have to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

4. Change the deadline. There is no harm in pushing the date back slightly if it keeps you on track for achieving it.

5. Refine your goals. Having too many goals right now can be overwhelming so focus in on what’s important.

6. Remember that progress doesn’t have to be even across the board.

7. Remember that this time can be redeemed. This is a time to set up new routines and habits to carry on into the new norm.

8. Be stubborn with what matters but flexible with your methods.

Happy pivoting!

Much love


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