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Are you OK everyday?

This weeks blog topic is not just something to be aware of this week, its something to think about every single day with the people around you, be it colleagues, friends or family.

Did you know that 45% of Australians are experiencing a mental health problem in their lifetime?

With that staggering stat it is likely that at some point, everyone of us will be affected by mental illness, either directly or indirectly. In fact most of you reading this have probably have been affected already.

Tomorrow, September 10th, is National Suicide Awareness day. This is a day very close to my heart- a story that I will share with you on my instagram tomorrow.

September 12th is R U OK? Day and it's a day to inspire people to start a conversation and support those who may be struggling. Showing you care by using just three small words like “how are you?" or “are you ok?” can help people feel connected and have a huge impact on someone’s life.

It is SO important to have strong connections with people. By having strong connections with people you can;

· Find the right support when you need it.

· Recognise the signs when someone's struggling which allows you to offer your support.

· Reduce your risk of depression and anxiety related illnesses.

If you are a Leader, a Manager or a Business Owner did you know that Mental illness is the leading cause of long-term workplace absence in most developed countries?

Mental illness is also associated with high levels of presenteeism. Presenteeism is where an employee remains at work despite symptoms that contribute to lower productivity. Addressing this not only important for the individuals mental wellbeing but it is also a major economic issue.

There are 5 key attributes to a mentally healthy workplace and if you aren't doing them already you need to start.

1. Prioritise mental health

2. Open and honest leadership

3. Effective workload management

4. Employee development

5. Inclusion and influence

By working towards these 5 points you are more likely to have healthier and happier people in your workforce. A happy healthier workforce is a more productive workforce and makes it a much nicer environment to work in!

So not just this week but every week i challenge you to reach other to someone. Even if that someone is yourself and ask how they are. Listen if they need it.

If you want some extra help with having RUOK conversations I've made you a FREE guide that you can download from the shop section of this website. Use code 'FREE' at check out.

Hopefully that will help to make you feel more comfortable reaching out to someone that you think might need it.

Have a wonderful week


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