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“Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action.”

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about ambition and goals. Its that time of year right? I asked the leading her life insta community what their goals where and there were some epic ones shared.

There are lots of people with incredible ideas and dreams of success. The problem is, The majority don’t act upon their ambitions, because it takes work — and a lot of it. Success really is the result of blood, sweat and tears. I’m not saying that its supposed to be a forever uphill battel and you can’t have any fun. What I mean is as much as we can sit and manifest these goals and dreams and visions nothing will happen if we don’t put in the action to help us get there.

It’s the action that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. There is no quick win or overnight success, there is no shortcuts to success. You also need the most important trait of all, patience. Without patience, you don’t gain experience. Without experience, you only have ideas. And ideas without action will never become reality.

This is where qualities such as courage, bravado and vulnerability come into play. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your ambitions? Do you understand the risks involved? Your actions may not be popular in the moment, but you must have the confidence to stick to your plan.

Your actions must match your ambitions.

Otherwise they’re just ambitions.. that may never be reached. That’ll lead to regret, or it will lead to retreat which in my opinion are tow of the biggest poisons in life.

My call to action if you read this far is to map out what actions you need to take to achieve your ambitions. To make your dreams into a reality. Because no one else will do it for you.

A lot of people say that they want to be rich, to be an entrepreneur and to quit their jobs. But the actions that they’re doing are not proportion to the ambition they’re saying. If you want to be a multi-millionaire but you have a lot of fears ahead of you, then your actions don’t match your ambitions. If you have that ambition, you have to set your goals and step out of your comfort zone.

Reflect about the goals that you need to reach and create a massive action each day to reach your ambitions.

Your today’s actions will totally reflect on the success that you want. If you want to do something else, take a courage to go outside of your comfort zone and take a massive action each day to step forward in reaching your ambitions and goals.

1. Reconnect With Your Goal

What are you actually trying to accomplish? Be specific.

Are you trying to get a raise, promotion, new job offer, create a new product, change your diet, expand your business, or establish a new habit?

It can be difficult to get focused enough to take action if you have forgotten exactly what it is that you are trying to do.

Take a moment and visualize your goal:

  • See yourself accomplishing it—what is the experience like, how do you feel as you are working towards it, what obstacles do you see coming up?

  • Think about how it will feel once you accomplish it—remind yourself what you have to gain from accomplishing this goal as well as what’s at stake if you don’t accomplish it.

Taking a moment to reflect on these important questions will help to reorient and ground you.

2. Identify Your Why- we dig into this a lot in the lead yourself formula.

What is the reason you want to achieve this goal? You will often hear this referred to as your “Big Why.” Identifying your WHY is the key to getting out of the rut and unlocking your ability to take action towards your goals.

You need a deep understanding of your WHY to do what it takes to reach the finish line. It is the reason that you are able to commit your time, effort, and resources to accomplish this goal even when things are not going as planned.

Not sure what your “WHY” is? Join the Lead yourself formula to work through this!

3. Make It Real, Write It Down

When you write your goals down, you are 42% more likely to achieve them.[2] When you write things down, you’re forced to think about them. The visual representation of your goal serves as a reminder whenever you lose focus and a point of orientation when you feel lost.

Lastly from a learning perspective, your brain may respond better to the physical activity of writing the goal than the abstract activity of contemplating the goal.

4. Tell a Friend

Sometimes the best thing you can do is tell on yourself. When you share your goals with others, it allows you to hold yourself accountable in a new way. You are more likely to take action toward your goal if you know that your friend will be following up with you about it.

One way to do this is to recruit an accountability partner. Someone who you know is also working on achieving goals that might be similar to yours or facing similar challenges on their success journey. You can set up a time once a week or once every other week to check-in and share your progress.

5. Anticipate the Internal Push Back

It’s not easy to leave your comfort zone. It’s cosy and safe. But nothing great ever came from playing it safe. Our species has evolved by taking risks.

So, what happens when you want to take new action but you’re already in the comfort zone of inaction? There is a total internal freak-out.

Yet, if you know it’s going to happen, it’s less unsettling. It’s like when you get a tattoo or a piercing, you know it’s going to hurt so you mentally prepare yourself to push through it anyway.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to handle the internal push back you will experience.

Meditation, Yoga, Mantra, and Mindfulness practices are great ways to start to tune-in to yourself.

Good luck on your EPIC goals this year! You've got this!

Much love,



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