• Nikki Jane

Be the Shit, without shitting on anyone!

Where did we get this silly idea that they have to step on each other in order to make it?

We have probably either been there or witnessed the Game of thrones type maneuvers for people to get to the top. It’s not nice. And it’s certainly not necessary.

You don't have to be ruthless and step on others to climb up the corporate ladder. In fact rising to the top of the corporate ladder on your own and with a "Do whatever it takes" attitude can put you in a very lonely place.

Being in a male dominant industry I need to be able to rely on and be guided by women in position to help me network and make our way to the top. If you burn bridges no one will have your back when you need them. So it's crucial to be inclusive of others and help them on your journey to the top.

Here are some tips to help you climb the corporate ladder without stepping on others:

1. Be a team player- lift others not yourself

2. Challenge yourself and others to achieve goals, and never give up.

3. Keep learning, and share your knowledge with others.

4. Recognise people for their effort

5. Don't isolate yourself from your peers.

6. Value different perspectives

7. Make moral decisions

8. Tap into your network

Keep supporting one another girls.

WE will get to the top a hell of a lot faster! There’s enough room for us all to succeed.

Much love


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