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So lets talk about, if alignment is our ultimate goal, How do I know if I’m in alignment? And how the heck are you supposed to get there?

And that’s a particularly tricky question to answer. After all, there’s no alignment reader that can give us our exact results! Because if you’re not really being honest with yourself, what’s the point of putting in all this effort? Of course, it can be scary to admit where we’ve gone off-track. It can be sobering to figure out what has gone wrong.

But if you really want to create the life of your dreams, you’ll have to put in that work.

What it means to be aligned with what you want.

When you’re in alignment with something, it means that you’re a vibrational match to having it happen – it means that that everything in you is completely ready to actually have what you want show up in your life. Keep in mind that, just because you really want something it doesn’t mean that you’re ready for it.

And this is important, because when you’re having problems manifesting something, it usually means that, at some level, you are experiencing resistance to whatever it is you want, which means that there is something inside of you that doesn’t want some aspect of what you think you want.

Usually this happens because, on some level, you’re afraid of what you think some of the possible downsides are to what you want. For example, you could be thinking that losing all that weight would mean you would never be able to eat your favourite food again, or that if you finally had the perfect relationship, it would mean that you’d have to give up your freedom and ability to do what you want to do in life. Those elements that you don’t want are often strong enough to shift your vibrational alignment into not manifesting what you say you want.

How do we get into alignment?

It starts with your vision and desires.

Your desires are important to your individual journey. They’re a large part of what propels us through life! They’re also part of what makes you uniquely you.

We’re simply not all meant to want the same things! And fortunately, there’s so much more than the suburban house and white picket fence to choose from in life!

But our desires can come from somewhere other than us. Sometimes they’re learned from the household we grew up in and sometimes we pick them up from the media. And other times, our goals used to suit us but–unbeknownst to us–we’ve since outgrown them.

So it’s crucial to regularly do some vision work and question your goals. We need to make sure your desires are yours, that they haven’t come from somewhere else and that–most importantly–they still light you up.

So if you’re not sure, it’s time to set aside a little time to do some work. Simply ask yourself what would your life look like if you could have ANYTHING you wanted? Start from there and see what wonderful options you can come up with.

And PS-you can never daydream too much! Daydreaming unlocks our imagination and allows us to figure out what we’re being currently drawn to.

Assume it’s a given.

Worrying about what you want or being afraid that it won’t happen is not aligning with that thing, and just keeps you focused on the fact that what you want is still lacking from your life. What you focus on is what you tend to bring about in life, so you need to shift the focus away from “it’s not here yet” and onto “it’s coming” or even “it’s here”.

Try to think of manifesting what you want as hitting the print button on a printer, or ordering something from an online shop. Getting clear on what you want to manifest is like hitting the “go” button. Once you’ve place your order or sent your print job, do you worry that it’s not going to come? No, because you know that it will. It’s just a matter of waiting for it to arrive. Get yourself into the habit of thinking about the things and experiences that you want to manifest in life in this same manner – once you’ve sent that out into the Universe, assume that you’ve place your order and it's already on its way and allow yourself to feel that lovely anticipation of waiting for your parcel to arrive.

Get happy.

When we are stressed or unhappy or fretful, it messes up our vibe. It’s hard to manifest fun, happy things into your life when your dominant energy pattern is the opposite of that. So, beyond feeling good about what you want, just focus on feeling good in general. Be happy. Do things that make you happy. Do some art, listen to your favourite music, call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, go for a walk. Just do things that make you want to laugh and that make your heart sing. Feeling wonderful as often as you can is the best way to bring more wonderful things into your life.

Start allowing yourself to feel fabulous. Give yourself permission to laugh and play and relax a little! Life is really not meant to be that serious and stressful. If you’re in a difficult situation this can be tough, but start small – get yourself a pack of brand-new crayons just for you and let yourself have fun with colours for a few minutes every day. Take some time to enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk whenever you can. Take a few minutes to appreciate your child’s attempts to understand humour and make you laugh with his jokes that still don’t make any sense.

Visualize it.

Make a movie in your mind and live your life as if what you want is already yours. Imagine every detail with as much clarity as you can and put yourself in the picture. What does your life look like now that you’ve lost the weight, gotten the job, met “the one”, launched your successful business, or been accepted into that elite program? If you can’t even imagine it happening for yourself, then how can you expect to have it happen in your reality?

Spend five minutes every day visualizing your ideal, perfectly manifested life, in all its wonderful glory. You can spend up to ten minutes, but don’t go more than that (use a timer if you need to) – your life is meant to be lived, and actual action is necessary for turning your visions into reality. Don’t spend all your time daydreaming, or that’s all those visions of yours will ever be. Get yourself jazzed with your visualization practice then get yourself moving!

Feel it.

What are the emotions or feelings that you think having what you want will bring you? Remember that it’s never about the things or experiences that we want in life – it’s always about how we think those things and experiences will make us feel. Get clear about what those feelings are and then find ways to feel it now, before it’s even happened. Actors manage to make themselves feel completely different things on cue every single day. So can you.

If you’ve decided that getting that new job will make you feel respected, then find ways to feel respected now, and start with yourself. Do things that make you respect yourself – hit the treadmill and work on increasing your endurance a little bit more every week and feel respect for the dedication you put into it. Take a plastic bag with you next time you go for a walk and pick up some trash along the way, and feel the respect for an individual who takes pride in his surroundings and cares for the people and places most important to him. Remember the times in your life when you have already felt respected and add those to your visualization routine.

Act as if.

Start behaving as if what you want is already here. There are different ways in which you can do this. For example, you can start assuming the identity of the person you’re hoping to become. In other words, if you’ve got a day job as an accountant but you dream about being an internationally acclaimed stand-up comic, then start telling people you are a comedian. When asked what you do for a living, answer that you are a comedian. If that feels “off” to you – if the thought of saying that makes you feel like you’d be lying – then say you’re in the process of launching your career in stand-up and that you do accounting on the side.

You can also start creating space for the thing that you want in your life so that there’s room for it when it does arrive. For example, if what you want is a new relationship then start sleeping on “your” side of the bed, clear out a dresser drawer for Mr. or Ms. Right’s use and figure out where his or her towel is going to get hung up in the bathroom. If you’ve got your heart set on a new car, then clear out your garage so there’s room for your new ride!

Another way to “act as if” that I’ve talked about before is to completely put yourself in the mindset of already being, having, or experiencing what you want. So, if you want to make your business financially successful, then ask yourself how a woman with a financially successful business would answer her phone or fold her laundry. How would the guy who successfully finished his first triathlon order dinner or vacuum his floor? Get yourself completely into the persona of having already achieved what you want to, and BE that person in every aspect of your life, both large and small, in whatever ways you can.

What if you feel out of alignment? Like everything is a bit off? How do we tell?

Your Thoughts

This is the easiest problem to troubleshoot! There’s not usually a disconnect between our thoughts and feelings. That’s because our feelings arise from our thoughts. We’re usually very aware of when our thoughts have gone off track because we’re also not feeling good! So thoughts and feelings are typically two sides of the same coin.

Your Feelings

Your feelings are one of the best indications that you’ve gotten out of alignment. You know that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that something is off? Yup. It’s time to listen in and see what else it has to say!

Most people go through life as slaves to their own emotions. They don’t realize that emotions are the result of our thoughts. So if you want to feel better, then you just need to work on creating a different thought.

Our feelings are just our internal barometer. So if you feel weird or bored or uninspired, it’s time to figure out where that’s really coming from. All of our feelings are here to show us something important.

We’re all pretty darn good at fooling ourselves into thinking “everything’s fine!” when we don’t want to face the truth! But that little nagging feeling isn’t going away unless YOU take action and change what needs to change. The faster you can course-correct, the faster you’re going to get to your ultimate goal.

Your Words

Do you keep talking about things that you don’t ever do? Do you try to present yourself in a way that doesn’t really align with who you are? If so, then you’re creating a layer of internal conflict.

You might not think your words matter but they have a huge impact on your world! You might be able to fool a friend or two with your grandiose talk but deep down inside you’ll always know your own truth. The more time you spend talking about things and not doing them, the less confidence you’ll have in yourself. And that extends out to literally everything else in your life, in addition to the one problem area that you’re trying to cover up.

So it’s time to try being authentic. Be true to your word. Express your truth in the best way you can. You are a powerful person and you deserve to believe in the words you speak! You deserve to believe in you.

Your Actions

The final piece of the alignment puzzle is to notice our actions. You can desire something, feel good and talk about it positively. But if you don’t ever actually do anything to bring you closer to that goal, it’s still not quite enough!

That’s not to say you have run out and hustle every day! But if there’s an element that’s missing in your life, how can you start preparing for that? Part of acquiring your new goal is becoming the kind of person that would have that thing already! You need to put the work into changing your schedule, home, friend group or hobbies to reflect that.

So get creative with it. There are always lots of ways you can create actions that align with your intentions!

I know this might seem like a lot of work at first! But you’re important. And your DREAMS are important. Getting into alignment is the best way to get you there so don’t be afraid! Dive in, do the work and watch just how magical your life becomes.

If you’ve been struggling trying to manifest something that you really want in life, give these alignment tricks a try and start shifting your mindset and energy into the right place for making it happen.

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