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Wow. What a week. In fact what a February so far. I don't mean wow how amazing. I mean wow what a pain in the backside. I think someone is trying to test me this month.

Did anyone from Sydney catch that epic storm this week? The thunder and lightening was INSANE. Like nothing I've ever seen before. I woke the next day to find cars crushed all down my street from fallen trees. That's how my life has felt this month. Like a huge storm has come and ripped everything up and dumped it back down causing chaos.

I started the month feeling pretty shitty and feeling pretty sorry for myself. If you have followed my Instagram or listened to this weeks podcast you will know that I have let a few things get to me. First of all I was stupid in the gym and bent funny lifting a plate to load my bar up which had resulted in a bulging disc and 4 weeks no weight training. This was a massive blow to me at first, mainly because the previous week the gym had been epic. In fact before I did my back I had just got a personal best on my squats which was insane!

My Instagram account got hacked by someone in Paris which resulted in all of my Instagram accounts being blocked. Frustrating as hell!! But you know what. Not the end of the world. Yes it means my insta accounts won't grow this week because i won't be posting. I will just have to work even harder next week to catch up! Getting to this realisation didn't come easy. In fact it was a pain but here are ten things you should think about to help you move overcome and move past your setbacks.

1. Recognise Setbacks Are Inevitable

2. Recognise That Setbacks Are Temporary, Not Permanent

3. Setbacks Are Not Failures

4. Develop A Positive Mindset

5. Take On Challenges

6. Learn From Others

7. Setbacks Needs Critical Thinking Not Worries

8. Focus On Your Goal

9. Motivate Yourself

10.Be Willing To Start Over

You can overcome your setbacks. Remember change the route not the goal.

Much Love



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