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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Have you ever stopped to count how many people you come into contact with on a daily basis? No me neither but I think if I was to sit and count it would be a lot. Crossing people on my morning walk, sitting next to people on my bus then train ride into the city, training with people in the gym. Getting changed with people in the work changing rooms, crossing people at the coffee shop as I get my coffee, getting the lift with people, sitting at my desk surrounded by people. And this is all before 9am.

So its not hard to see why a virus has halted us in our tracks.

This is a huge change from the way we would usually live. And if you let it, it can feel very isolating. Our grandparents went through a similar thing during WW2. But the difference between then and now is technology. And this create a great opportunity for us to stay connected.

So instead of being socially isolated, we are now just physically isolated and there is a big difference!

So here are some ideas to be remotely social:

· Call your colleagues instead of emailing.

· Video chat your colleagues instead of calling.

· Organise after wokr drinks on a friday through a skype call

· Call your parents more often

· Have a coffee meeting over video call

· Have a wine over a video call on a Saturday night with friends

· Watch a movie with a friend (press play on the same movie at the same time!)

· Set a goal of speaking to 2 different friends every day.

· Play trivial pursuit over a zoom call

· Take an online course with a friend

· Start a virtual book club.

· Do online yoga with a friend

Technology to use:

Group chats – WhatsApp, skype chatrooms, Facebook messenger, iMessage (if you all have iPhone), Microsoft teams, slack

Video calls- skype, facetime, zoom, house party, Facebook messenger

Social media – Instagram, tiktok, twitter, Facebook

Remember this is not forever. Its is temporary.

Thank you Rona for making us realise how many great people we have to spend time with!

Much love


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