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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Wow can you believe that its December already? I sit back and wonder where the hell this year has gone. BUT when you do sit down and reflect you realise that SO much has happened in the last 12 months.

December is my favourite month of the year for a couple of reasons. Christmas obviously is the main reason, I just love everything about Christmas, the festivities, the food, the drink the family feel. It is also the first month of summer here in Australia and summer is my favourite season. We also have forced leave at Christmas so it means two weeks annual leave - who wouldn't look forward to that. The best thing about taking forced leave at Christmas is that when you get back there is nothing to catch up on. Every one else has been off too so you don't come back to any emails! Finally, at this time of year we usually get some visitors from the UK, especially my brother! Even though i get to see him more regularly now that he has moved to Australia its still so good to get together at Christmas. We also have Daryl's cousin and wife visiting this year for the first time so that's super exciting.

But with all this going on, and such an upheaval in your routine its really easy to be thrown off balance. Physically, mentally and of course financially. So today I am going to talk through a few tips for all of the above.

Physical Balance:

  • Budget your calories - if you know you have a big day pull calories from your weekly budget to use them on the big day

  • Stay active - you might not be able to get to the gym each day but get outside, hit the beach for a swim or a walk. Keep your body moving

  • Stay hydrated - make sure you keep drinking water, especially in summer, especially when you a drinking a lot of alcohol.

  • Remember to count your alcohol in your calories

  • Pre plan where possible when you are eating out

  • Make sensible choices- rather than opt for the huge burger and chips why not get salmon and veggies

  • Enjoy yourself. It is Christmas and life is for living.

Financial Balance:

  • Plan your budget in advance 

  • Only spend cash or debit

  • Host secret Santa 

  • Have a pre Christmas clear out and sell stuff

  • Track your spending 

  • Be a Scrooge online, search for discount codes before you buy

  • Use @shopback 

  • Get social with shopping- follow your fave stores to see if they post discount codes or days 

  • Share the catering. It’s ok to ask people to chip in for Xmas dinner

  • Set a gift limit

  • Use loyalty credits

  • Plan for next year- start saving early, get Christmas decorations in the January sales!

Career Balance

  • Plan how you will use your time so that you remain productive rather than wishing you weren't in work

  • Create a schedule and stick to it

  • Create boundaries between work and personal time

  • Don't forget to focus on you

  • Take time off if you need it so you don't burn out

  • Prioritize sleep

Mental Balance

  • Be realistic about what you can and can't do- you can't do everything and see everyone

  • Spend time with loved ones to sooth your soul

  • Remember to priortise your own happiness not just everyone around you

  • If its difficult spending time with family, then don't feel pressured to.

  • Pace yourself.

  • Don't be afraid of saying no.

Environmental Balance

  • Avoid sending Christmas cards - they just get recycled anyway, send an email letting people know you donated the card money to charity instead

  • Avoid using wrapping paper, or if you want to use it opt for recycled paper and minimise the amount you are using. AND make sure you recycle it afterwards.

  • Avoid Christmas crackers full of shit plastic toys. They literally go straight to landfill

  • Give experiences or gift cards for Christmas to avoid wasted gifts

  • Don't through the food away, eat the left overs, make turkey stirfry and curry, freeze it for use later on.

Christmas might be a wonderful time of year for me but I appreciate its not for everyone. It can be challenging when your lost loved ones, when you have family rifts, when you're skint and when you are on the other side of the world to your family. Just remember that you can't control other people happiness but you can control your own. Use the time to celebrate good memories, to make plans for a fresh start in the new year if you need it, and to give yourself some self love.

Have a wonderful December full of sparkling lights and good champagne!

Much Love



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