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Never quit learning.

As you probably know I recently attended a weeklong course for young leaders. I was telling someone about the course, and they said to me “I honestly hate going to those things, don’t you know enough by now to be a good enough leader?”

This took me by surprise. How could somebody who I would consider to be well educated and quite wise assume that I know everything there is to being a leader? Nobody in the world knows EVERYTHING there is to know about being a leader. That’s because the world is constantly changing, and the role of the leader is constantly evolving. Gone are the days where you needed to have put in a hard-long slog of many years in a role to be considered for a manager role. That’s because we have realised that just because you are well experienced in a profession does not necessarily mean you are a good leader.

I thought about this for a good number of days afterwards. I thought that it went without saying that we should always continue to better ourselves, learning in any way possible. If you’re not moving forward, you aren’t standing still, in actual fact in this fast past changing, volatile environment that we find ourselves in if you aren’t learning then you are moving backwards. That’s the case whether you’re in a competitive business, a student, or even staying at home. There are many reasons why the continuation of learning is more than critical to your everyday lifestyle.

I love to learn. I am constantly reading books, listening to podcasts and doing courses. Its not always about career too. At the minute I am learning how to squat properly in the gym! My boyfriend is a serial learner too with hobbies! I can’t keep track of how many new sports he tried each year- I do know that my cupboard is starting to overflow with different equipment though.

There are so many benefits to learning- aside from the obvious improving your IQ.

Learning can affect your overall happiness because it impacts your mood and outlook on life. Research shows that those who strive to grow personally reduce stress. Reducing stress can have a number of benefits- including getting a great night’s sleep.

Learning will improve your career by growing your skills and knowledge making you more valuable and better preparing you for the future.

Learning is exercise for your brain. The brain craves knowledge and by skipping learning you are starving your brain.

Successful people are outstanding performers. Outstanding performers remain outstanding performers by becoming lifelong learners. They continually expand their knowledge in order to get out in front of the pack and stay there.

But I get it. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind, the redundancy of life. You are going to work purely to hit your targets, Monday to Friday, week after week. It might seem like its all fine because you are hitting those targets but in reality, you need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

So why not make a commitment to learn something new each day?

There are so many ways you can learn new things. Subscribe to some podcasts. Do an online course. Watch the news. Read a blog.

As Ghandi once said…

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Never quit learning.

I’d love for you to share some things with me that you are learning this week. Let me know with a comment on Facebook or Instagram!

Much love


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