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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Are you like me and suddenly you’ve gone from seeing your partner in evenings and weekends to suddenly working from home full time together, living in each other’s pockets?

Read on. I got you.

By now, most of us are all fully aware that voluntary social distancing is key to mitigating the spread of Covid-19. In the grand scheme of things, lying low for a little while is a small sacrifice to make for the increased safety of all, though it certainly will pose challenges, not least of which being to our relationships.

It will become easy to think of one another as a pain in the ass, especially when we are cooped up together or when isolation breeds feelings of abandonment. This raises the question: how can we best manage the unusual social circumstances we’re in?

What if I’m suddenly spending a lot more time with my live-in partner?

This is the kind of situation where you already know what is going to happen so you have time to come up with a gameplan. You know that, unless you have a huge house with lots of outdoor space, you are going to feel like you are living on top of each other 24/7.

So its time to plan. Its time to have these open conversations and chat about what to do in moments where things are stressful – normalize that it’s OK if you get on each other’s nerves, and decide on a signal that means OK, we need to take a moment in separate rooms, or recognize better communication is needed, or perhaps someone needs a hug or to talk about emotions that are coming up.

Both of you should get comfortable asking for – and giving each other – space.

Remember its still important to see other friedns and family memebrs where possible and you don't have to do this together! you can see friends seperatley!

How are we going to survive working from home together?

In my opinion you need to set up clear work boundaries. Unless you work for the same company and are working on the same thing then its best that you separate yourselves where possible. I for instance a taking up my normal residence at my desk in the spare room and Daryl is going to be on the dining room table. There are 2 doors separating us which help minimize noise and distraction.

You need to be mindful of each other’s working day. For example I usually do 7am-4pm daryl usually does 10am-6pm. 4-6pm is a great time for me to get out of the house with the dog, get some fresh air and avoid distracting daryl while he finishes work. The last thing I want to do is start streaming netflix and slowing the internet up when he’s trying to work.

Be kind.

Be Patient.

Be there fore each other.

I hope this helped!

Much Love


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