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Hey girls,

Things are so strange at the moment, there is a lot of uncertainty and devastation in the air. I talked in the last episode about some of the things that I had been going through and how I had ‘fallen off the wagon’.

So today, I wanted to chat a bit about a few ways you can shift that really ‘blah’ energy.

First of all, I just want to call out that sometimes you need to give yourself a little break for the season that you are in. Like I spoke about last week with that much going on, something had to give. So I do encourage people to feel that feeling that they are in and allow yourself to experience those different emotions. Like ym mum said it me, its not normal to be that happy and that positive all the time. So this shifting of blah energy is for when you’re ready for it. Because sometimes you do just need to survive and that’s ok.

Last week I was ready. Ready to shift that blah energy and feel into my true highest vibe again.

So the first thing I suggest you do is to notice what’s triggering you to feel blah.

What is actually going on for you. Is it one thing? Is it an accumulation of things? Its so simple but this is actually a massive requirement when it comes to shifting your energy. can you control it? Can you change it? For example, with what I shared last week I’m finding keeping up with Bongo my dog exceedingly triggering. I wanted to see how he was doing but it was also significantly affecting my mood.

Once you become aware of what is triggering you (whether it’s an actual event, or it may even just be everything that is happening right now) you need to process the trigger. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Meditation, Journaling or talking to someone.

Usually Journaling is my holy-grail when it comes to shifting my energy but this time I was really unable to put pen to paper. I let the habit slide. and I didn't give myself time.

There are 2 ways to start journaling. Sometimes its better to be clear and grounded so mediating first can be really beneficial. It’s a great way to get back to your centre and calm your central nervous system! But sometimes the therapy is actually in blurting it all out like you’re almost about to implode.

To find out what’s triggering you sometimes you do just have to start writing while you’re in that heighten response to really unpack where you are at.

But once you’ve worked out what is triggering you let use some prompts:

1. Can you control it?

  • If the answer is yes, what can you do?

  • If the answer is no, remind yourself - it’s out of your control, try to surrender and focus on what you can control.

2. How can you remove this trigger from your life?

So if we go back to my Bongo story, this was out of my control. I can’t change the decisions around Bongo. I knew that he was happy and healthy and looked after. Not in a bad situation. So it was time for me to set some boundaries on what I was consuming. So what action could I take to remove this trigger from my life? I was able to take was to block Bongo on Instagram and ask my mutual friends not to send me photos. Although that was awful and I cried for 3 days straight. It was better for my mental health than to put myself through hell every day for several months. And you can journal yourself through letting go of that trigger. You can surrender. Let yourself feel. Then shift the blah.

You can try prompts like:

1. I am grateful for…

2. Today will be good because…

3. What am I currently working towards…

4. What am I currently manifesting…

5. I am going to shift into a higher vibe by…

Show how are you going to shift that vibe?

My favourite way to shift my energy is to shift my environment and get into the ocean. I live by the beach, so it’s really easy inspiring- autumn to do that. I think this is why I was struggling so much to shift my vibe because my usual favourite methos wasn’t available to me during winter!

But you could also:

1. Go for a walk

2. Do a workout and get the endorphins pumping

3. You could put on your favourite tunes and get a bit silly singing and dancing

4. You could do some stretching that make you focus on your breathing and take your mind off what’s been happening.

Notice how each of these activities that I’ve listed involve moving your body? Moving your body is the best way to shift your blah feeling and raise your vibe!

But journaling just isn’t for me?

Firstly I do believe that journaling is a skill that should be learned. However you can go through similar like prompts without actually writing it down. You could do it in your head or you could call a loved one. A partner, a family member, a friend or even a professional.

Once I went through my journaling experience, even though it took a lot to get me to sit down and do it. I also felt a weight lifted off me when I told my partner. When it had been the 2 of us in lockdown for so long and I also sometimes feel like I don’t want to talk too much about being sad over aspects of my previous relationship. I didn’t want to tell him I was feeling so down about Bongo because I didn’t want to talk about the past relationship, I wanted him to feel safe in that I want to move forward in our relationship together, but I also didn’t want to bring him down just because I was down. And sometimes it really can feel like you are weighing someone else down with your problems.

But instead, the opposite happened, he felt better because he knew what was bothering me, he was able to give me a big hug and tell me everything will be ok.

So I hope if your feeling blah, this will help you move through it and come out on the otherside like I have. Don’t get me wrong, my heart still skips a beat when I see a ginger cavoodle walking towards me at the beach (and there are a lot of Bongo look alikes in Bondi!) but I’m not living every day feeling like I’m going to bubble over.

And hey, I started back with the podcasts, so I must be feeling better.

But anyway, sending all the love and good vibes your way in this bizarre time that we are still living in. The light at the end of the tunnel is on its way as we start to get vaccinated and restrictions are beginning to lift. You will get through this.

Much Love


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