• Nikki Jane

The Secret to Success

So what is the secret to success and why is it so hard for us to achieve?

Spoiler alert. There is no secret to success. This is because success should look different to every single person. This is why it is so difficult to achieve.

I think there is a huge disconnect between what people tell you will make you successful vs what actually does. I also think you need to be able to be happy for other people’s success to be able to feel success when you do achieve it. Jealousy and bitterness wont make you more successful.

I think that truly successful people do things because it fulfills their soul. Should you be doing it to prove people wrong? No. Should you be doing it to make someone else successful? No. Now look, I also think, oh wow I can’t wait to tell my mum and dad what I did. But what you need to make sure is that you are telling them because you want them to see how it’s brought you happiness. Not just because you’ve done something because you think it will please them. If that makes sense. You need to do things that fulfill your soul. What makes you happy?

People who are obsessed with what people think about them will never fulfill their true potential because to be successful sometimes you need to take risks and sometimes you need to fail so that you can learn. That’s what makes people successful.

I think that truly successful people turn off survival mode and turn on living mode. Often with all of today's pressures our brains continuously sit in survival mode. Survival mode often means you can’t think clearly, you cant see the bigger picture, you often feel anxious, stressed or rushed, it puts strains on relationships and quite often is focused solely on money.

Ironically the very thing our brain is trying to so to save us is actually preventing us from figuring out how to get out of the situation in the first place.

In living mode, you can think and give your brain time to make a plan to enable to reach your own version of success. One of the best ways to turn living mode on is to give yourself space. Now I don’t mean fly away to a dessert island to be with yourself and your own thoughts. Instead you can try meditation. And look once I was one of those people that thought it was a load of fluff. But it isn’t. There is scientific evidence proving how valuable it is to your brains function. If you don’t know how to get started then I highly recommend downloading a free app called headspace. It really helped me get into it.

I think that truly successful people utilize both halves of their brain. If you didn’t know the left brain is the logical side and the right brain is the emotional side. Both sides are equally as important. I think successful people are both logically intelligent and emotionally intelligent.

I think that truly successful people take full ownership of their own story. People who find success don’t achieve it by accident. They are intentional and are willing to put the work in because that’s what matter to them.

It’s easier to live a life someone else tells you to live because then you have someone to blame if it goes wrong.

There is no easy path to success. People that do achieve true success know that its not about making life easier. Its about making yourself stronger. The only way to get stronger is to start living your life like you are the main character of your story. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Get on the pitch and give it your best shot.

The moral of the story is that although you might think it would just be easy to find the formula for success, apply it and be successful the reality is the success won’t guarantee happiness and meaning to your own life.

So before you try and change everything in your external circumstances in order to be successful, first look inward. Challenge your inner thoughts, both from the left and right brain, switch to living mode and take ownership for your story.

Much Love


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