• Nikki Jane


Investing in our friends, family, and community is a natural behaviour. Sacrificing our time, money and effort to benefit others is altruistic, helping us feel that we provide real value in the world. But for all that you spend to help others, how much do you spend on investing in yourself?

The most priceless investment in your life is you.

Investing in yourself is more than setting up a retirement account or buying a home. Rather than planning for the future, self-investment is most often directed toward the present. It manifests in several ways, such as:

1. Invest in skills that enhance your strengths.

Your education in yourself is ongoing. Take advantage of various resources and mastermind groups that will develop your skills in areas of strengths.

2. Invest in your health.

Usually exercise and proper eating is the first thing to go when other priorities pop up. But that makes investing in your health all the more important. And being healthy is the best way to insure your other investments in life (like taking care of your family and being productive at work) keep up. Investing in your health can be as simple as a having a healthy breakfast each morning. It could mean taking walks after dinner or signing up for that personal trainer that you’ve always wanted. Do something daily to invest in your health and you’ll be sure to reap wonderful returns.

3. Invest in your future by being present now daily.

Having clarity and being laser focused being in the moment is instrumental to making key decisions for investments that will pay off in the future. Being present prevents you from making bad decisions stemming from negative emotions.

You are the most important when it comes to putting your health first and then toward what you love to do that yields money. However, for many they place themselves last on the list when it comes to investing time, money, and resources. When other people’s priorities come up or it’s time to sacrifice something, you might be the first to bend. Please make a note and put this on your refrigerator. Investing in your self is not selfish. In fact, by helping make your life better, you will by default make the lives better of everyone else around you. It is the best way to ensure that you are well-taken care in the future, too.

There are many reasons, or “good excuses”, to NOT expend our effort toward bettering ourselves. At a certain point, it's easy to lose confidence in your ability, to question if you have the resources you need or feel like the opportunities are long gone.

What so many of us don’t consider are all of the logical reasons to invest in ourselves, even if we don’t start with all of the answers.

Taking the leap of faith on yourself sometimes has to start with a push, so here it is!

Much Love Nikki


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